West Bengal

The state of West Bengal is a place of many fascinations. Its history has been mired with the history of India and its culture has been of acute importance as well.

West Bengal has been blessed by the River Ganga, or rather its tributary, River Hooghly. Thanks to the bountiful river, the state of West Bengal had become the richest areas in the Indian subcontinent once upon a time. Agriculture flourished here and the produce was transported all over India. The huge riches attracted invaders including the British who based their campaign of conquering India from Bengal.

This rich history has an indelible effect on the landscape of India. Art and culture flourished in the region side by side. The cultural heritage of West Bengal is reflected in the works of the great Rabindranath Tagore, the only Nobel laureate of India in Literature. The artistic heritage of Bengal is reflected in the numerous works by famed artists over the ages. Bengal has produced innumerable poems, books and even songs. West Bengal has also been blessed with a heritage in architecture. Its cities still have the splendid buildings from the colonial era, visible in the streets of Darjeeling and Kolkata. Nature has been kind. It has not only given a bountiful river, it has also given some amazing natural treasures such as the Dooars.

West Bengal is an incredible place where you will find it difficult to get bored. Each place here will open up a different vista and experience for you to enjoy.