Dear Tourist

We welcome you on-board with us in “Mindfresh trips”, best travel agency in Kolkata.

Best Travel Agency in Kolkata

You must be wondering what difference our journey would make and in which way we stand apart from the brigade of other travel companies.

Mindfresh trips, one of the best tour operators in Kolkata, is not born out of mere commercial purpose. The genesis of our beloved organisation lies in our founders personal travel experience over the years and urge to provide the same refreshing perspective to the society. We are proponent of personalized tourism. Our belief is that one which comes straight out of heart, be it small or new, and is always rejuvenating, enchanting, and mind- fulfilling.

We started our journey from 2004. From the outset it strives to deliver high quality, innovative, cheering, replenishing travel experience. We offer a vast choice of individual tours, group tours, unmapped tours to name a few among others.

Our tour plans are meticulously sketched out with our unique “Mind fresh” personalized touch.

We believe every traveller has a tale to tell and we enrich their tale with our continuous endeavours.

Our aim is to provide the vast horizon into each ones limits as we believe travel is like an endless university – you should never stop learning. We offer not only frequently visited paths, also the offbeat destinations – the way which is paved by very few.

To give you a complete holiday experience, we also take care of your air tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, holiday packages for domestic & international and more- all this with customized service with transparency and a professional attitude. We are all ears and open to any kind of suggestions and feedback from you. We seek to build our relations and grow with you, hand on hand.

So strap up the belt, sit back and relax the journey. As one has perfectly said “Once you’ve got wanderlust in your blood, you’ve got it for life.”

Bon Voyage!!!