Rishyap : Picturesque Hamlet


Rishyap : Picturesque Hamlet

The quaint hamlet of Rishyap is blessed with a scenic setting. Its altitude of 2591 meters above sea-level gifts it with a cool atmosphere.

Rishyap seems like the perfect place for a rejuvenating quiet holiday. It hides like a shy girl within the embrace of the hills in the Neora Valley. Its isolated location makes the place the perfect place to get away from the maddening crowd. During the day, the sun creates a dazzling scene of vermillion that makes the place seem all the more stunning. In the distance the snow capped mountains of the Himalayan Range shine with their white splendor.

At night, you will feel that you have come closer to the heavens that are lit up by a shimmering array of stars. It is also possible to mistake the faint glow of lights that twinkle in the distant Pedong and Gangtok for stars. If you visit during the full moon, you will be luck. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking sight of the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga shining under the soft glow of the moon.

Rishyap offers you the chance to relax and rejuvenate. If you want something to do, you can always take a hike or a trek through the depths of the silent forests decorated with orchids here.