Dooars : Doorway to Nature

  • Jaldapara wildlife Sanctuary : Refuge of the Rhino


Dooars : Doorway to Nature

The Dooars region of West Bengal is a magnificently fantastic place. Nature is going to fill up your senses and take you on a wondrous trip at the Dooars.The natural forests of the Dooars are dense and seemingly the home of enigmas and mysteries. However, the only mystery you should be interested in will be how beautifl nature can truly be. The forests themselves are seemingly woven into an emerald canvas embroidered with patches of tea gardens. Mountain streams their uncountable tributaries decorate the canvas with varying shades of blue. Some of the more popular rivers here are the Teesta, the Torsha, the Raidak, the Kaljani and the Jaldhaka.

At the Dooars, you can participate in many exciting activities. You can shop for Bhutanese goods without even stepping into the territory of Bhutan. The Gorumara National Park can be visited if you want a closer look at some of the incredible creatures that frolic in the region. The Indian Rhinoceros, the Asian Elephant and the Gaur are some of the majestic animals who live here. If you are lucky, you can spot a leopard or two. The park is also home to some beautiful avian species such as the Scarlet Minivet and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher.

Jaldapara wildlife Sanctuary : Refuge of the Rhino

Stretched over 114 square kilometers of thick forests and verdant grasslands, the Jaladapara Wildlife Sanctuary is a charming place. The place is home to around 150 members of the endangered Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros family.

You can take a ride on an elephant to enjoy the sight of some other endangered animals in their natural habitat. There are wild elephants here as well. Some of the other animals you can view when out on a safari are leopards. Various species of deer live here such as the Sambar, the Spotted Deer, the Hog Deer and the Barking Deer. As you enjoy the sight of all these glorious animals, various avian species will provide a refreshing break with their colorful plumage. You can see beautiful birds such as the Bengal Florican which is almost nearing extinction. Other birds include the Crested Eagle, the Partridge and the Finn’s Weaver.