Kolkata : The City of Joy

  • Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Indian Museum
  • Mother House
  • Sahid Minar
  • Dakshineswar Temple
  • Science City


Kolkata : The City of Joy

As the tranquil waters of the Hooghly River flow by, Kolkata gets endowed with a contemplative atmosphere. In this contemplative atmosphere, lies one of the most amazing cities in India.The spectacular city of Kolkata has a plethora of beautiful aspects to flaunt. The contemplative atmosphere has contributed to the city’s growth and heritage as a cultural center. In fact, for years the city was considered to be the cultural hub of India. Its history is as flamboyant and immersive as its culture.

Once upon a time, Kolkata was nothing more than a simple fishing village. Later, it was developed under the British and became the capital of the British Empire in India. The effect of the British rule is still visible in the amazing colonial buildings here. It may now be the capital of the state of West Bengal but the city is still a veritable feast of colonial architecture. Often regarded as the intellectual capital of India, the city is going to stun you at every corner with new sights and experiences.

The culinary achievements of the Bengali culture can be experienced in its authentic form here in Kolkata. This amazing city has given birth to legends such as Satyajit Ray and even a Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. Kolkata is not a city you visit but rather feel.

How to Get There

By Air :

There area number of domestic airlines that connect Kolkata with other major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Bagdogra, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Port Blair.

By Rail :

Thiruvananthapuram is well connected to other important cities of Kerala as well as the country by trains.

By Road :

The West Bengal state buses let the travelers to come to this city without any difficulty. There are various private buses as well that you can get from here to reach different parts of the country at reasonable cost.

Victoria Memorial

The immaculate white of the Victoria Memorial is one of the irreplaceable aspects of the heritage of Kolkata. The beautiful colonial building is surrounded by a lush green park and pristine ponds. Built to honor the memory of Queen Victoria, the foundation was laid by none other than the Prince of Wales, the future King George V. The building contains a museum which showcases the incredible history of India. Outside the memorial, you can take a ride on the chariots to have a gala time.

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum is a symbol of the ancient history of India, its culture and heritage. Its construction was started in the year 1814 making it one of the oldest museums in the world and the oldest in India. The collection of antiques and artifacts here is simply stunning and invaluable. Here you will find antiques, ornaments, fossils, paintings, skeletons. There are 35 galleries here dedicated to showcasing artifacts of scientific and cultural importance. Some of the most amazing items on display here include the ashes of the Buddha, the Ashokan pillar and even an Egyptian mummy.

Mother House

The legendary and yet humble Mother Teresa had started her Missionaries of Charity from Kolkata. Her work has helped innumerable people through the decades. At the Mother House, you will find the somber tomb of the great woman. There is also a small museum which showcases the possessions of the Mother, a worn pair of sandals and a battered dinner bowl. You can also see the room where the Mother had loved. The simplicity and humility of Mother Teresa has been shown here.

Kalighat Temple

The ancient Kalighat Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. It is the holiest spot in Kolkata for the Hindus and may even been the source of the name of the city. The temple was rebuilt in the year 1809 and that structure still stands proudly today. The facades of the beautiful temple have been nicely adorned with tiles arranged in peacock and floral motifs. Inside the temple, you will find a majestic crowned statue of the goddess with her three eyes.

Sahid Minar

The slender Sahid Minar is a historic monument rising gracefully from the verdant green fields. Its white marble looks amazing at night when it is illuminated by the floodlights. It was originally erected in 1828 as the Ochterlony Monument as a memorial to the Major-General Sir David Ochterlony. The British Major-General was the commander of the East India Company and the monument commemorated his successful defense of the city of Delhi in the year 1804 against the Marathas. At the same time, the monument celebrated the victory, in the Anglo-Nepalese War, of the armed forces of the East India Company over the Gurkhas.After independence, the monument was renamed to Sahid Minar in August 1969 and was rededicated to the martyrs who valiantly fought in the Indian Freedom Movement.

Dakshineswar Temple

The fascinating Dakshineswar Temple is situated inside a fascinating complex of various temples. The temple complex lies on the banks of the languid River Hooghly. The temple complex is quite tranquil and you will run into many people meditating in the peaceful atmosphere that hangs around the temple. You will also run into the many monkeys who live here. The site of the Temple is where the great Hindu preacher, Ramakrishna started his amazing journey into spiritualism. The small room where he used to live still stands in the northwest corner of the precinct.

Science City

The spectacular Science City is the largest center for science in the entire Indian subcontinent. That is enough to show that this place is a marvel in itself. The place is filled with amazing museums and galleries showcasing the best of science. There are a number of interactive exhibits. Quite a few of them will bring you closer to nature such as the Live Butterfly Enclave where you want watching the fascinating insects flutter about without a care in the world.