Singapore : Bright Lights

Singapore is easily one of the most popular destinations in the world. After all, it offers you a charming picture of modern achievements

This incredible city state is filled with architectural wonders that seem to have been lifted from some science fiction novel. Dazzling gardens can be found alongside colonial barracks that are now used for displaying contemporary art. The rich depth of history is showcased stunningly in the museums that are incredibly engaging.

Singapore is a wonderland of epic proportions. Here, you can get on a bus and end up inside an ancient rainforest echoing with the cries of beautiful birds and crafty monkeys. You may even reach muddy wetlands filled with giant lizards and lobsters or end up at a quaint farm.

Singapore is as much a destination for the gourmet as it is for the avid shopper. There is a national obsession about good food that you can find cooking in street stalls to Michelin starred restaurants. Try out the unique and delicious Nonya cuisine here. Shoppers love Singapore for the jaw dropping low prices of the goods here. Singapore offers you the chance to shop for the latest gadgets or ancient antiques at the same time.

Singapore is more than a destination now. It has become an experience.