Shantiniketan : The Abode of Peace and Learning

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Shantiniketan : The Abode of Peace and Learning

In Bengali, the word Shantiniketan means ‘abode of peace’. The place epitomizes its name in every way possible. The tranquility of Shantiniketan is unparalleled. It is the center of the art and culture of West Bengal.

In 1901, the legendary poet, artist, author and Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore founded a school in the pastoral settings. Later, the school developed into a complete center of learning called the Visva Bharati University. Apart from studying the liberal arts, the center places an emphasis on the relationship of humanity and nature.

As you traverse through the beautiful grounds of the university, you are going to be assisted with shade by the numerous trees. There are a huge number of statues dotting the grounds as well. You can enjoy the innumerable murals of Shantiniketan. The prayer hall of the university is similarly amazing with the Belgian glass panels. As you walk through the grounds, you can recall the legendary people who once visited the place such as Mahatma Gandhi.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport is Kolkata 213 km away. From here you can take a bus or a taxi to cover the rest of your journey.

By Rail :

You can take a train to Bolpur, the nearest railway station 2 km away.

By Road :

Shantiniketan is 213 km from Kolkata and is well connected by buses and taxis.