The stunning state of Maharashtra is the third largest in India. Within this huge canvas, you will find littered innumerable attractions of India that have attained an iconic level. In Maharashtra you will find a peaceful coexistence of languid beaches, historical sites, cool mountains and cosmopolitan cities.

In Maharashtra, you can delve into the rich history through the various incredible monuments and World Heritage Sites. Maharashtra was the place where Shivaji, one of the greatest generals of India, was born. His exploits are still told today. The caves of Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta tell a different story with their spectacularly intricate carvings. Places like Mahabaleshwar still reverberate with their histories.

Maharashtra has a beautiful coastline on one side and the hills of the Western Ghats on the other. Each of them will clamor for your attention with their beautiful natural spots. The beaches are lined with palm trees that shade you as you take a stroll. The hills will mesmerize you with their forested landscapes. Spirituality is an essential part of Maharashtra where the festival of Lord Ganesh is celebrated with great pomp over 10 days. The temples in Pune and the holy site of Shirdi are drenched in religious fervor.

Another great aspect of Maharashtra is its cuisine and cultural heritage. The handicrafts of some of its regions are famous across India. As for its cuisine, it is a delicious blend of traditional and other regional styles. Maharashtra is a place where you can have a varied trip filled with interesting sights and amazing experiences.