Madhya Pradesh

The heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a place of enchantment and incredibility. Spectacular views and amazing destinations fill the state. Madhya Pradesh is drenched in history and covered by nature while a great culture enriches it.

Madhya Pradesh is a treasure trove which opened will regale you with experiences unlike anything. This is the land where the Jungle Book comes to life in the rich national parks. It is here in Madhya Pradesh that ancient perfectly sculpted lovers entwine each other in erotic embraces. Gods have made their abode in the multiple magnificent shrines dotting the landscape. History can be re-lived through the fascinating monuments, palaces and forts which dominate skylines of cities. This is the state of kings and lovers.

The heartland of an amazing country, Madhya Pradesh offers a bit of everything. In Khajuraho, you will be transported to an ancient age with the splendid architecture of its temples. The Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks rumble with the growls of the majestic tigers and the music of the birds enchant visitors. Rocks will never seem as mysterious as seen in Jabalpur. Watch the blue Narmada make its way through some of the most marvelous places and sights. Visit Gwalior where the history and heritage of kings have become merged with the modern life. Amarkantak watches serenely while you get lost in prayer.

Rich histories, fascinating cultures, splendid nature and sacred spirituality combine into a remarkable blend which paints a fascinating image of Madhya Pradesh which seems a lot like India at large.