Pench National Park : The Idyllic Haven of Nature

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Pench National Park : The Idyllic Haven of Nature

The exquisite Pench National Park offers you a vista different from other national parks. Here teak trees grow without restraint showering a green due on the land. The raging Pench River cuts the landscape with its frothy milky white waters. Stunning white Kulu trees peek out from the dark foliage like spectral ghosts. This incredible national park lays in the coddling lap of four mountain ranges, namely, the Vindhyachal, Aravalli, Maikal and Satpura ranges. The scenic mountains are a fantastic background to the already mystical landscape of the Pench National Park. The dense forests hide treasures in the form of rare medicinal plants which number at more than 1300 different species. The idyllic forests have been a haven to tigers and other majestic beasts. The chital, the sambhar and the nilgai graze languidly but still alert for jackals and leopards. Sloth bears and wild boars keep to themselves. The gaur, the barking deer and the chowsingha roam carefully so as not to attract predators. 210 different species of birds crowd the skies and sing an enchanting tune.

How to Get There

By Air :

Nagpur is the nearest airport connected to Delhi & Mumbai and other places by regular flights. Jabalpur also serves as a convenient airhead with regular flights from Delhi.

By Rail :

Nagpur is the nearest railway station from Pench National park, Nagpur Junction is well connected to all the city of India.

By Road :

A National Highway connects the Pench National Park to Nagpur and Jabalpur. Distance from places; Nagpur: 167 km, Jabalpur: 178 km