JAmarkantak : Ecstasy of Prayer

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Amarkantak : Ecstasy of Prayer

A bright green gem called Amarkantak lies cradled in the arms of the dazzling Vindhya and Satpura mountains. The verdant sylvan surroundings wrap Amarkantak like a blanket. This magnificent place is home to two majestic rivers, the Shone and the Narmada. The name ‘Amarkantak’ in Sanskrit means the eternal source which seems apt considering that two major rivers have their sources nearby. The gorgeous landscape of Amarkantak hides the rich history that runs through its street. It has been a witness to the rise and fall of various civilizations. The city has endured the test of time and stands proudly offering a divine spiritual experience. An intriguing collection of architectural styles exist in the city each style a reflection of the grandeur of its era. The tranquil atmosphere of the city surrounded by charming scenes has given birth to a spiritual aura. Hindus consider Amarkantak to be Teertharaja or the king of pilgrimage sites. With its verdant natural beauty and entrancing waterfalls, it is easy to see why. The immaculate beauty of nature is displayed in all her glory in Amarkantak. You are bound to be drawn into a spiritual state with the glimmering ponds, shining streams and thick green forests.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport to Amarkantak is at Jabalpur, which is 240 km away from City of Amarkantak.

By Rail :

Pendra Road is the nearest railhead to Amarkantak, which is located at a distance of 17 km from this holy town.

By Road :

The city is very well connected to all the major cities of the country.

Narmada Mandir

The area from which the Narmada River originates is called the Narmadakund. Here a fascinating pool of water leis surrounded by charming temples. The 16 temples of this area have 23 idols and exude a holy aura around the place. The most important of these spellbinding temples is the Narmada Mandir.

Mai Ki Bagiya

An enchanting temple lies surrounded by a lovely garden called the Mai ki Bagiya. The garden is more like a grove of trees peacefully overlooking the charming area. The area is built to honor the goddess, Narmada after whom the river is named.


Bhrigukamandal lies in the middle of trekking trail. The great sage, Bhrigu supposedly meditated in this very spot. The quaint spot contains an intriguing rock formation. The rock resembles a pitcher and is oddly filled with water. According to legend, the pitcher supposedly belongs to Maharishi Bhrigu. The enigmatic rock formation is supposed to be full of water all the time.


A thick emerald forest gives way to a serene and small waterfall. You can have a relaxing time in just watching the quiet beauty of the waterfall. The water amazingly looks like milk as it falls from a height of just 10 ft. The milky appearance of the waters has given rise to the name Dudhdhara. If possible visit during the monsoons when the waters of the stream have swelled up. In spite of the larger volume of water, the falls themselves will be restrained in their ferocity creating a great effect.