With the Western Ghats towering in the east and the Arabian Sea splashing in the west, Kerala is a fascinating place. 44 rivers crisscross this verdant state. The uniqueness of Kerala stems from its incredible geography, rich culture, immersive history and the perfect climate.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the state filled with mesmerizing art forms, mystical festivals and imposing monuments. Get entranced in the lively Kathakali dance form or cheer your heart out during the boat races. It seems everywhere you go you will be faced with a cultural phenomenon. Even history is riveting when you are in Kerala. Europeans first set foot on the Indian subcontinent through Kerala and they have left behind an indelible mark on the state.

It is however, Mother Nature who rules over Kerala. A long shoreline filled with serene beaches line the side of Kerala. Go a bit inside and you will be awestruck at the remarkable transformation of the landscape into tranquil backwaters surrounded by emerald forests. Even further inland, you will come face to face with pretty hill stations. Exotic wildlife, glittering waterfalls and huge plantations combine to form a resplendent natural hotspot. Take a step into the endless expanse of green and you will be drowned in a glorious experience that will touch the very core of your soul. Kerala is where you can walk from an emerald backwater to a forest where elephants roam proudly. Kerala proudly proclaims itself to be God’s own country. As you roam in the mystical forested backwater havens, you will realize how true it actually is.