Thrissur : Cultural Chaos

  • How to Get There
  • Vadakkunnathan Temple

Thrissur : Cultural Chaos

An ever so slight chaotic atmosphere surrounds the cultural capital of Kerala, Trichur. Escape into a fantastical land filled with the vibrant culture and rich history of Kerala collide. Inside the hub of exotic and artistic delights, an enchanting extravagance of culture awaits for you to experience and savor it. Stunning palaces, imposing temples and magnificent historic monuments dot the area which is covered in a splendor that can only be created by nature.

How to Get There

By Air:

Kochi is the nearest airport from Thrissur

By Rail:

It is an important railhead in southern India. Several important trains connect Thrissur with other places in Kerala and neighboring south Indian cities.

By Road:

Thrissur is well connected with the other cities of Kerala.

Vadakkunnathan Temple

The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Its architecture is entrancingly beautiful. A fascinating example of the Kerala architecture style, the grand temple stands imposingly in the center of the city. Four impressive gopurams are located inside the temple and they feature delicate woodwork. Enchanting murals from the 17th century cover the walls depicting scenes from the Indian epics. The beauty of these murals is heightened by their use of natural colors. The Koothambalam hall is magnificent in its huge proportions and splendid decorations. Its aesthetic grandeur is incomparable to any other hall in Kerala.