Orissa is a fascinating state. It is an intricate blend of tradition, culture and natural beauty. The history of the state is just as beautiful as the sun drenched golden sands of its beaches.

Orissa has been blessed with a coastline that stretches across 500 kilometers of windswept beaches. The blue waters of the Bay of Bengal gently crash onto the yellow sands here. You can simply lounge about enjoying the seemingly endless sea waves and winds. There are rich wildlife reserves here boasting a wide range of species such as crocodiles and innumerable species of birds. The Chilka Lake here looks magnificent and is the largest brackish lagoon in Asia.

However, the charm of Orissa does not lie in its natural splendor. Rather, it is the culture and arts which will enthrall you with their richness and depth. Here, you will find the incredible Konark Temple, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The temple is lined with spectacular carvings and sculptures depicting the lovely life of the people. Fascinating temples from the medieval era lines the streets. A variety of tribes live here almost on the verge of entering the modern age and yet they somehow manage to maintain their intriguing ancient traditions. The state of Orissa is the home of quite a few incredible dance forms such as the Odissi and the Chau dance.

A visit to Orissa will leave you enriched both spiritually and culturally. You will be immersed in its rich traditions and beautiful beaches and have a great experience.