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North East India : The Unexplored Region

North East India : The Unexplored Region

The north east region of India is possibly the most beautiful in the country. Most of it is still yet unexplored and is filled with incredible natural beauty and tribal people.

There are seven states in the north east region of India. They are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland. Each of these states is filled with amazing natural beauty and they are often together and called the Seven Sisters of India. The blessings that Mother Nature has given to these states collectively cannot be found elsewhere in India.

The majority of this region is nestled inside the foothills of the spectacular Himalayan Mountains. There are deep valleys dotting the landscape which is also carpeted by the emerald canopy of forests. There is an aura of enchantment that exudes from these half discovered lands. As you trek around the lovely slopes, you will fall in love with the slightly enigmatic atmosphere of the dark forests. These verdant landscapes become a riot of colors when innumerable flowers bloom and spread their fragrance everywhere.

These regions are also famous for the many tribes that live here. While some of these tribes have settled down, others still live the nomadic lives of their ancestors. The majority of them are still in touch with their ancient traditions and crafts which they practice to this day.

The North East Region in India is an incredible place. A trip through these enchanting lands can be entertaining, relaxing and exciting for you in equal measures.