Meghalaya is one of the most enchanting states in India. The appeal of Meghalaya lies in its incredible vistas of nature and the handicrafts created painstakingly by the people.

The cool climate of the place creates a languid atmosphere perfect for a relaxing sojourn. The mountains here are lined with verdant forests of pine trees creating an enchanting sight whenever the milky clouds pass by them. As this fascinating vista unfolds, you will notice it broken up by scenic cliffs with their rocky shades. Rains are another glorious aspect of Meghalaya. The beauty of Meghalaya has often drawn comparisons with Scotland

In this state, you will find Cherrapunji and Mawsynram. These places are the wettest on earth. There you will be stunned at the emerald shades that flourish due to the rains. Living bridges are another highlight. These bridges are created with the roots of trees and they are still pulsating with life years later. The rains have also give birth to some of the most fascinating waterfalls. There are also a number of caves drenched in enigmatic beauty just waiting for you to come and explore them. In fact, some of these caves are the longest in Asia.

The culture of Meghalaya is also quite rich. There are three major tribes here. They are the Jaintia, Garo and Khasi tribes. The handicrafts of the state are also quite famous. The rugged landscape of Meghalaya has become a hotspot for exciting adventure sports.

Meghalaya has a simple charm of natural beauty which is common to the northeastern states of India.