Tripura may simply be a dot on the map of India but it is by no means a boring place. This state is filled with riches for you to explore.

The state is a hub of interesting cultures brought together inside a bowl of amazing nature. There are nineteen different tribes which are indigenous to the region. Their diverse cultures are rich in their own ways. Each of them is incredibly interesting with their varied rituals and lifestyles. There is also a sizeable population of Bengalis living here who have created their own way of life here. Just across the border you will find the country of Bangladesh. This mesmerizing blend of cultures is amazing and has a charm of its own.

Tripura has a fascinating history to tell as well with its monuments and palaces. They speak of the glory of the kings who held sway in the region unrivalled in their power. There are archeological wonders here as well. The handicrafts of Tripura are amazing and speak highly of the skills of the craftsmen. The traditional arts here are fantastic in the same way. The art and music date back centuries and are rooted in the history and beauty of the region.

Mother Nature had got ample opportunities to run wild here. Tripura is rich in flora and fauna. The biodiversity is stunning and you can easily get lost in its treasures. Here, in Tripura, tranquil hills are lined with blossoming meadows where colorful flowers recreate the rainbow. You are bound to be magnetized in its beauty.

Tripura may not have much to offer. However, the things it does offer are superb.