Agartala : An Ancient Prince

  • How to Get There
  • Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Bhuvaneswari Temple
  • Kashaba Kali Temple
  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Kunjaban Palace
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Neermahal
  • Jampui Hills
  • Unakoti

Agartala : An Ancient Prince

Once upon a time, there was a city called Agartala which was the capital of the glorious Swadhin Tripura state. The beautiful city has been witness to the tumultuous effect of time. The city has seen times of magnificence and has also been down. Currently, the city is the capital of Tripura.In fact, it is easy to consider Agartala the only city in the state of Tripura. This city is located beside the Haora River. The beauty of the ancient city has been accentuated with the presence of some amazing old temples and magnificent palaces. You will find wildlife sanctuaries here teeming with fascinating articles.

There is a distinctly semi rural feeling pervading the city. It is possible to relax in the city due to its rather languid atmosphere. The people are welcoming and you will be made to feel right at home.

How to Get There

By Air :

The domestic airport, better known as Agartala Singerbhil Airport, is located at a distance of 12 km to the south eastern side of the city. This airport provides flights to Kolkata, Imphal, Silchar, Delhi, Aizawl, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Guwahati and several other important destinations

By Rail :

The Kumarghat Railway Station, located 140 km away from city, is the closest railhead to Agartala. Kumarghat Railway Station is well connected to most of the important northeastern cities as well as other important junctions in the region.

By Road :

Agartala is well connected by road to other parts of the Indian state of Tripura. Agartala is connected to Silchar, Shillong, Guwahati, Aizawl, Dharmanagar and other neighboring cities by NH44

Tripura Sundari Temple

The ancient Tripura Sundari Temple is considered to be among the holiest of shrines of Hinduism. Here, goddess Tripura Sundari is worshipped who is an avatar of Goddess Sati. Constructed in the year 501, the temple is attractive in its simplicity of design. The walls are devoid of any garish ornamentation or carvings. The tranquil aura makes the temple perfect for meditating quietly.

Bhuvaneswari Temple

Located on the scenic banks of the River Gomati, the Bhuvaneswari Temple looks particularly splendid. This ancient temple has been immortalized by the legendary Rabindranath Tagore in two of his works, namely, Rajashri and Bisharjan. The architecture of the temple is fascinating and this style is quite a rare find.

Kashaba Kali Temple

Built in the late 15th century, the Kashaba Kali Temple is located in an amazing place. It is on top of a nice hill from where you can get some spectacular views of the lake beside it. The calm waters of the Kamala Sagar reflect the simple beauty of the structure nicely. At a small distance from the temple, you can glimpse the international border of Bangladesh.

Ujjayanta Palace

The amazing Ujjayanta Palace can be easily considered to be the centerpiece of the city of Agartala. The palace with its domed cap looks striking against the cityscape. Its beauty is further enhanced by the two large ponds that flank it. Built in the year 1901, the palace looks amazing when floodlights drench the building at night

Kunjaban Palace

The enchanting palace is located atop a green hillock overlooking the city of Agartala. The amazing beauty of the palace has a lot to do with the scenic appeal of the area. Built by Maharaja Bijendra Kishore Manikya, the palace used to serve as the summer resort. Just like the king, you can relax and enjoy a pleasurable stroll in the beautiful gardens and lawns inside.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful place to enjoy the treasures of nature. The forests here surround an artificial lake while different animals and birds roam freely. This verdant sanctuary is home to 150 different avian species whose cries will enchant you. You will be able to glimpse some animals unique to the region such as the cute Phayre’s langur which seems as if it is wearing a pair of spectacles.


Neermahal was once a spectacular palace for the kings of Tripura. It has lost much of its former glory. It is a water palace and the largest one in India. The scenic beauty of the place is accentuated by the gorgeous lake on which it stands. The architecture of the palace is also quite fascinating as it shows a blend of the Islamic and Hindu styles.

Jampui Hills

The quaint Jampui Hills contain some beautiful sights. As you take a relaxing sojourn to enjoy these sights, you will be assaulted with the intoxicating fragrance of fresh oranges. There are innumerable orange plantations here filled with the sweet citric fruits.


In Bengali, the term ‘unakoti’ means, one less than a crore. Here at Unakoti, you will be greeted with the sight of innumerable stone idols and images cut from rock. All of these depict Lord Shiva. This place in ancient and was possibly constructed sometime between the 7th and 9th centuries. It may have been created earlier as well. The carvings are incredible and look stunning against the beautiful landscape. There are some amazing waterfalls here as well.