The glorious state of Karnataka is enchanting in its duality of attractions. On one hand, the state is home to the IT industry of India and on the other, you will find the heritage of ancient dynasties and empires.

Its capital, Bengaluru is home to the burgeoning software and biotech industries of India. Modernity has enveloped this city and is spreading quickly to the other cities. Malls and pubs are found easily here. At the same time, Karnataka has taken care of its heritage. Here, you will be presented with scenes that seem to have stepped out of a history book. Magnificent palaces, ancient forts and historic monuments dot the landscape of Karnataka. The cities of Mysore and Hampi showcase the rich history of the region.

Nature is also an essential part of the landscape of Karnataka. You can roam around the fantastic beaches while being bathed in the cool breezes and pristine waters that flow from the Arabian Sea. Some of them include the Om Beach, Ullal Beach and the Panambur Beach. A rich cover of emerald forests hide some pretty and majestic animals such as the tiger. The enchanting jade forests of Coorg and the sanguine red rocks of Badami are some of the vistas created by nature for you to revel in.

You can enjoy an amazing time in Karnataka. The spectacular beaches, the enchanting nature, the profound history of the state make an enthralling experience. Of course you can delight yourself with modern comforts here as well.