Hyderabad Trip From Kolkata

Hyderabad : City of Pearls

  • How to Get There
  • Charminar
  • Golconda Fort
  • Salar Jung Museum
  • Hussain Sagar Lake
  • Falaknuma Palace
  • Qutub Shahi Tombs
  • Ramoji Film City
  • Snow World
  • Shilparamam Museum


Hyderabad : City of Pearls

Hyderabad offers a deep insight into the history and heritage of the region. The city has been deeply influenced and shaped by its history. It houses some fascinating monuments while its heritage and culture is diverse and amazing.Hyderabad is like a delicate princess decked in some amazing and priceless jewels and finery. It was once a royal capital from where majestic dynasties ruled the land. The city has been a witness to centuries of grand prosperity. The city is filled with the remnants of these ancient glories in its varied Islamic monuments. This is the charm of Hyderabad. Here gems of architecture decorate the formerly royal city. Mosques, tombs, palaces and even homes are adorned with the charms of the past.

Hyderabad was established in the year 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah. It has been the royal home of many glorious dynasties since. They have left behind an indelible mark on the landscape through the stunning array of forts and monuments. These beautiful structures reflect the varying aesthetic architectural tastes of the different dynasties. The city is famous for its thriving pearl trade.The history of the city of Hyderabad may be ancient and yet it has embraced modernity. It is now a huge hub of software and IT companies. There are many places of interest here which means, you are not going to get the time to be bored. Moreover, you should not forget to try out the mouthwatering biryani of Hyderabad whose recipes have been handed down from generations to generations from the era of the Nizams.

The fragrance of the native biryani dishes will be a companion as you explore the grand ancient city.

How to Get There

By Air :

Hyderabad Airport is about 8 km away from the city center and is accessible with various transportation facilities.

By Rail :

Being the headquarter of South Central Railway; Hyderabad is well connected with all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Kochi, Kolkata. There are railway stations at Nampally and Kachiguda.

By Road :

Regular services of state roadways and privately owned buses from the bus stand of the city are available. Roads are well linked with important cities and states.


A visit to Hyderabad is incomplete without a trip to the Charminar. It is the principal landmark of Hyderabad and has become synonymous with it. It was built in 1591 to celebrate the founding of the city as well as the end of the water shortage of Golconda.The sight of the four columns, which have bestowed the name Charminar, can be a dramatic one. It is 56 meters tall and its four entryways are decorated with arches that face the cardinal points of navigation. Each of the spectacular columns is adorned with a similarly stunning minaret. Each of the minarets is further decorated with a ring of carvings and is four stories tall. At night, the structure is illuminated, creating a memorable sight indeed. The architecture represents the perfect blend of Indian and Islamic styles. From the minarets, the panoramic view of Hyderabad is just breathtaking.

Golconda Fort

Although the Golconda fort was built in the 16th century, signs indicate that it was built over an existing mud fort. The fort is not just a military installment. It was a citadel and glorious one at that. It was once the capital of the nizams before Hyderabad. The architecture of the Golconda Fort is amazing and has a fascinating acoustic effect in relation to the Bala Hissar point, the highest point of the fort and which is located nearly a kilometer away. You can clap at the entranceway to Golconda Fort and it can be heard at the Bala Hissar.

Salar Jung Museum

The amazing collection at the Salar Jung Museum was brought together by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan also known as Salar Jung III. Some of the priceless artifacts in this collection date back to the first century. There are around 14000 exhibits sourced from various corners of the world and deal with an array of subjects and styles. You can enjoy the artwork of sculptures, devotional objects, wood carvings and Mughal miniature paintings. There are illuminated manuscripts here alongside weapons and textiles. There is even a collection of toys for your enjoyment!The collection also boasts of over 47000 books, some of which are hard to come by nowadays. There are 43000 paintings showcased beautifully on the walls. More incredibly, you will find 9000 holographs showcased here. These things are certainly interesting. However, if that is not enough for you, you can enjoy the various pieces of art that have originated in the Middle East, Far East and Europe.

Hussain Sagar Lake

The spectacular Hussain Sagar Lake was built in 1562 to provide water to Hyderabad. The River Musi feeds this enormous lake that is spread across 5.7 sq. km. In the middle of the lake, you will find a gigantic monolithic statue that represents Gautama Buddha. The shores of the lake are incredibly attractive. Visit the shores during the evening to get tantalized by the scenic fountains where the water dances with abandon and colorful lights shine on against the deepening sky. There are some nice bronze statues here as well.

Falaknuma Palace

The Falaknuma Palace is easily among the finest in Hyderabad. In Urdu, Falaknuma means the mirror of the sky which is a suitably grand name for the magnificent structure. The glorious palace was designed by an English architect and is spread over 93,971 square meters. The entire palace has been furbished with Italian marble. The shape of the palace is meant to be representative of a scorpion. The architecture of the palace is a rare blend of the two distinctive styles of Tudor and Italian architecture.

Qutub Shahi Tombs

The graceful domes of the Qutub Shahi Tombs are spread inside a tranquil garden landscape. Seven Qutb Shahi rulers have their final resting place here. You will also find tombs where various other royals and respected citizens are buried. It is easy to lose track of time by wandering around the spectacular domes. Quite fascinatingly, each tomb is unique in terms of size. More interestingly, the simplest tomb here belongs to the founder of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. The most incredible tomb, rather fittingly, belongs to the founder of Hyderabad, Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah. The architectural styles showcase a masterful blend of the Pathan, Persian and Indian styles.

Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City is an incredible place. It is like a fantastic amusement park where you can find natural attractions intermingling with the man made ones. The huge park sprawls over 1666 acres and is set to grow again. Guinness book of world records has already given Ramoji Film City the honor of being the largest movie studio complex in the world.

Snow World

Snow World is a rare kind of amusement park. As the name suggests, you can enjoy yourselves in a snowy landscape. There are some interesting activities here to give you a complete experience of snow. In fact, you can even experience what a snowfall feels like inside the Snow World. There are sleigh rides as well.

Shilparamam Museum

Shilparamam itself is a quaint village dedicated to the traditional crafts of the region. In fact, the entire area is a museum in its own right. The rural ambience of the village is perfect for enjoying the fine specimens of cultural and traditional heritage. Here you are bound to be enchanted by the fascinating pieces of art and numerous artifacts. Even the natural landscape is stunning with is spectacular waterfalls and rock heights.

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