Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh does not brag about the beauty it possesses. It has any amazing attractions for the tourist to enjoy but the sate allows you to discover them one by one at your own pace.

The state of Andhra Pradesh has an amazing history which is preserved and showcased by the numerous monuments that is strewn across its cities. There are ornate palaces and mosques and glorious tombs that once belonged to the royal dynasties of Hyderabad. Ancient forts still stand proudly as a remnant of their former royal masters. Religion is another incredible aspect of Andhra Pradesh. There are numerous structures here with a religious significance. You can wander around the ruins of the monasteries where Buddhist monks once used to reside having travelled across Asia. You can also brave the crowds to get your wish fulfilled at the majestic Venkateshwara Temple. Many mosques can be found in the state as well.

You can stroll around the many beaches of Andhra Pradesh enjoying the refreshing breeze carried by the waves of the Bay of Bengal while the sun kissed sands warm your feet. There are many caves here to get lost in while enjoying their beauty. The Eastern Ghats has blessed Andhra Pradesh with numerous charming hills and valleys that are draped in the gems of nature such as waterfalls and rivers.

Andhra Pradesh offers a chance to enjoy your trip without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. You can take your own sweet time to rediscover the many attractions of the amazing state which once produced the famous Kohinoor diamond.

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