• Serenity in Nature
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Serenity in Nature

Popularly known as Ootacamund, this is a place of extreme tranquility and beauty of nature. Ooty is the most beautiful child of the enchanting Nilgiri Hills. The charm of this incredible place is well known all over India.
Originally, Ooty was a wild land ruled by tribes such as the Todas. Later, the colonial British came and transformed the wilderness into one of the most fascinating hill stations you will ever lay eyes on. Here, you are going to be mesmerized by innumerable picturesque spots that just makes you want to stop and stare. The rich soil and the cool climate has helped the growth of the tea industry here. The emerald tea plantations give off the most exquisite fragrance that is carried over to you through the soft breeze. Tea is an important part of the wonderful experience you will enjoy in Ooty.

The effect of the colonial rule is still evident as you walk around the city. The streets look so beautiful with the tall pine trees that line them that you will be forgiven for believing that you were in the English countryside. Ooty still possesses many bungalows that were built by the British during the colonial rule. These bungalows offer a high level of comfort to make your stay all the more interesting. You can have a nice time taking a stroll through the lovely gardens and parks that dot the area. Even the journey to Ooty on the miniature train is a romantic affair.

How to Get There

By Air :

The Coimbatore airport is the closest to the Ooty. Coimbatore Airport is well connected to the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

By Rail :

Ooty is connected to the Chennai City by a night train.The train called as Nilgiris Express or Blue Mountain Express which leaves from Chennai at night,and reaches Mettupalayam next morning around 6.30am.

By Road :

Ooty is connected by good roads.There are regular buses to Ooty from Chennai, Bangalore,Mysore,Coimbatore etc. Distance from places; Chennai: 558 km, Bangalore: 260 km,Coimbatore: 85 km, Madurai: 286 km,Mysore: 120 km, Kochi: 275 km

Government Botanical Garden

The immensely large botanical garden is breathtaking in this display of nature. Built in the year 1847 under the supervision of the British, the garden will enchant you with its beauty. There are over 650 different species of trees and flowers in the garden. The most interesting sight in the garden is however a dead tree or rather, the fossil of a tree. This intriguing fossil is believed to be more than 20 million years old which is certainly incredible. The other fantastic sights you will enjoy here are the fragrant roses and scenic orchids. There are many kinds of exotic plants including imported shrubs. Even bonsai plants are showcased here.

Rose Garden

The tropical climate of Ooty is mixed with a cool atmosphere which is a courtesy of the high altitude of the place. This blend of weather is perfect for the growth of roses and the dazzling Rose garden takes complete advantage of it. The ideal conditions have made the enchanting roses flourish in the garden. The fragrance of the roses is intoxicating enough to entrance you as you take in the hypnotic sight of the roses in various shades of the rainbow. There are around 20,000 bushes of roses here while the number of varieties is a staggering number of 2241. You will also be regaled with the sight of interesting roses such as the adorable miniature roses and the quirky hybrid tea roses. Ramblers and floribunda are maintained here as well. You will even get roses of highly unusual colors such as green and black.

Ooty Lake

The Ooty Lake may be an artificial one but it is nonetheless spectacular. The clear body of water stretches across 65 acres reflecting the tranquil beauty of the mountains. Huge eucalyptus trees line the lake adding to the stupefying sight. You will notice various streams rushing through the hills excitedly to meet and fill the lake. Here you are going to be entranced with the numerous water birds living around the lake. Boating is an option here and one that you should readily take part in. A boat ride will give some captivating panoramas of the blue Nilgiri Hills looking over the lake like proud parents.


Doddabetta is the highest peak of the Nilgiri Hills at a height of 2634m. The beautiful peak marks the meeting point of the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. From the top of the Doddabetta Peak, you can lose yourself in the panorama of the Nilgiri Hills. If possible stay for the sunset. It is going to be one of the most glorious sights you will ever see. If the horizon is clear of fog or mist, you can make out the plains of Coimbatore and Mysore in the distance. There are telescopes here which can be used to enjoy the views of distant hills, valleys and forests.

Tea Factory

Nestled in the arms of the blue Nilgiri Hills, the Tea Factory is the place to be if you love tea. The Tea Museum here gives an interesting discourse on tea. You will get to know the origins of tea itself. Information about the various kinds of tea leaves that are used around the world can be found here you. The museum will also guide you through the history of tea as a beverage in India and how it evolved in the Nilgiri Hills. There are various machines here which give you a live show of processing tea. In fact, the entire process of tea is showcased here. Right from the moment the leaves are plucked freshly from the plants, till the moment it reaches your lips in the form of a delicious beverage, the entire process is perfectly explained. The Tea Factory also offers some delicious homemade chocolates. You can enjoy a variety of them such as milk chocolate, fruit and nut, fig and honey, coffee chocolate, rum and raisins amongst others. You can also choose to relax with a soothing cup of tea while you watch the tea plants sway under the cool hilly winds.