Chandigarh : Planned Beauty

  • How to Get There
  • The Rock Garden
  • Leisure Valley
  • Butterfly Park
  • Garden of Fragrance
  • Sarkaria Cactus Garden
  • International Dolls Museum


Chandigarh : Planned Beauty

Chandigarh has the rare honor of being the capital city for two different states, Punjab and Haryana. Remarkably, the city itself is considered to be a union territory and, therefore, not a part of any state. Chandigarh is a prime example of how a planned city should look like. In fact, it is one of the finest cities in India.Lying at the foothill of the Shiwalik range, Chandigarh is a different charm from other Indian cities. The location is picturesque and the surroundings are remarkably beautiful. The city is filled with gardens that are spectacular enough to add to the beauty of the place. The history of the city is quite fascinating as well. Some sources state that the people of Harappa had their home here nearly 8000 years ago.

How to Get There

By Air :

Chandigarh airport is located 12 kilometers from the main city.

By Rail :

Chandigarh is linked with New Delhi, the National Capital by Rail. The Chandigarh Railway Station is 8 Kms from the city centre in Sector 17.

By Road :

Chandigarh is well connected by road and buses provide an important transport link. There are services from various states such as- Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, and Delhi. It is a gateway to Himachal Pradesh as one can reach hill stations like Kasauli, Chail, Shimla etc within in a few hours drive.

The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden serves as a testament to the imaginative powers of a human being. It also shows that a person can be extremely resourceful if required. The garden is filled with eccentric but beautiful sculptures. However, these sculptures have not been created from stone or marble. Rather, they have been made from junk. Items otherwise considered to be rubbish such as steel drums, broken bathroom sinks, light switches and bicycle frames have been used in the creation of these remarkable pieces.

Leisure Valley

One of the most popular and spectacular sights in Chandigarh is the Leisure Valley. It is a series of beautiful and amazing gardens that makes the city seem all the more splendid. You can take a long stroll through the verdant landscape or participate in the various fitness activities and yoga that takes place every day. Some areas of the Leisure Valley should not be missed such as the fragrant rose garden and the bougainvillea garden.

Butterfly Park

As the name suggests, the Butterfly Park showcases the beautiful fluttering insects. The attractive landscape is perfect for enjoying the sight of the butterflies flying around. There are many different flowers here that add a dash of color to the landscape. The colorful butterflies make it more interesting.

Garden of Fragrance

As you walk around the Garden of Fragrance, your senses are going to be overwhelmed by nature. The amazing flowers here spread their lovely fragrances and aromas throughout the park while their colors make the place come alive. Some of the beautiful flowers that bloom here are Champa, damask rose and several types of jasmine.

Sarkaria Cactus Garden

At the Sarkaria Cactus Garden, you will come to appreciate the beauty of cacti in a whole new way. The landscape is filled with around 2500 species of cacti which seemingly create an entire ecosystem of their own. Some of these plants bloom in lovely colors creating a delightful atmosphere for you to enjoy.

International Dolls Museum

Built in 1985, the International Dolls Museum is a rare kind of museum. The variety of dolls here is mind-blowing. Being sourced from various countries, each doll has been created in a different manner which adds to the appeal. You will find dolls from various countries around the world including Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Denmark and Germany. Another major attraction of the place is an incredible replica of a German railway station.