Namdapha National Park : Slice of Himalayan Nature

The immense area of the Namdapha National Park is home to some of the most interesting and rare species in this part of India. It is the third largest national park in India when taking the area into consideration.

The Namdapha National Park is a bastion of lowland evergreen rainforests inside which fascinating creatures roam around freely. Some of the animals that have made this national park their homes are the various species of leopard such as the Snow Leopard, The Clouded Leopard and the common leopard. The other member of the cat family here is the Tiger. The Asiatic Black Bear, the Elephant, the Red Panda and the Red Fox are among the others. A huge variety of primates live here as well. More than 425 species of birds can be found here strutting about in their colorful feathers.