Bhalukpong : An Interaction with Nature

The beauty of nature in Bhalukpong has remained largely untouched creating an incredible sight that you are unlikely to find duplicated elsewhere. In Bhalukpong, you will find yourself being attracted to nature in different ways. Sometimes, Mother Nature is quiet and allows you to relax in her serenity. At other times, she can give you a challenge so that you can take part in an adventure.The quiet beauty of Bhalukpong adds to the peaceful and contemplative atmosphere of the place. The ravishing aroma of the flowers will intoxicate you as you get enchanted with the chaotic colors of the blossoms. If you wish to truly experience nature in all its forms, you can take part in activities such as trekking and hiking.

You can visit a nearby wildlife sanctuary filled with the amazing creatures of the region such as bears and various members of the cat family. The Bhalukpong Fort here was built in the 10th century. Although, the fort is now mostly in ruins it is a wonderful place for exploration.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport is at Tezpur that is located at a distance of 52 km.

By Rail :

The nearest railhead is located at Rangapara railway station.

By Road :

NH 37 is in excellent condition and the road passes through the Kaziranga National Park. There are watch sheds at vantage points along the highway