Patnitop : Adventure and Religion

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  • Nag Temple
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Patnitop : Adventure and Religion

The charming and quaint hill station of Patnitop is located on a pretty plateau. The amazing panorama of the lower Himalayan mountain range is a sight for sore eyes. A walk through the breathtaking spots in Patnitop is a rejuvenating experience and you can enjoy picnicking in some idyllic spots. Patnitop seems to be blessed with a divine location where incredible vistas are available in plenty. If you have an adventurous streak, you will love Patnitop which offers some exciting activities such as trekking and paragliding.

How to Get There

By Air :

Nearest is Jammu airport is 110 km from the city.

By Rail :

The nearest railhead for Patnitop is Jammu Tawi.

By Road :

Tourists can easily get numbers of buses from Pathankot, Jammu and Srinagar to reach Patnitop.

Nag Temple

One of the many holy sites in Kashmir, the Nag Temple is dedicated to the serpent god. According to Hindu mythology, the marriage between Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati took place in the spot. This magnificent temple is more than 6 centuries old and still looks spectacular. The temple has a fascinating architectural style.


The picturesque region of Madhatop is surrounded by massive cedar trees. In winter, a white blanket of snow covers up the entire area. Skiing is an exciting prospect in these times. The beauty of Madhatop is bestenjoyed during these winter months. In summer, the landscape is transformed and still retains its amazing beauty. There are a few springs here that are famed for their curative properties. They provide a great place to hang out and enjoy the tranquility of the area.

Sudh Mahadev Temple

Mired in history and legend, the glorious Sudh Mahadev Temple is home to some important symbols that are representative of Lord Shiva. The temple is ancient as it is believed to have been constructed nearly 2800 years ago. The holy lingam inside the temple was naturally made from black marble. There is also the Trident, the weapon of choice of Lord Shiva. The mace inside was supposedly owned by Bheema who was one of the legendary Pandava brothers. The temple also houses a spring called the Paap Nashni Bowli. According to legend, anybody who takes a dip will be cleansed of all sins.


The picture perfect Sanasar is composed of two quaint villages. Sansar will charm you with the beautiful meadow that is surrounded by massive conifer trees. Serenity is easily available here and you relax in the unspoiled beauty of the region. A golf course in the vicinity allows you to enjoy tee off in the midst of the photogenic scenery.