Seychelles : Realization of a Dream

Seychelles may not be as famous as Mauritius or Maldives. However, that only means that you will find fewer crowds to interfere with your sojourn into the depths nature.

The beaches of Seychelles are stunning enough to take your breath away. The soft sands with their talcum powder appearance are washed gently by the sapphire waters. In the background, emerald forests carpet the lovely hills with huge boulders providing a nice contrast. The scene is most certainly something that should only exist in dreams. However, it is a picturesque reality in Seychelles.

If you want to feel a sense of excitement while you are in the midst of such stunning vistas, Seychelles will not disappoint. You can talk a walk through the trails inside the lush jungles or roam around the coasts. Boat exorcises will take you to the sea so that you can enjoy the calm waters better. You can explore the underwater world by snorkeling or diving and get to meet some beautiful fishes. Eco tourism is a big part of Seychelles with its natural reserves and marine parks that are filled with friendly species.

If you want to experience a true tropical paradise without being hampered by the presence of too many people, Seychelles with be the destination for you.