Kullu : A Divine Valley

  • How to Get There
  • Raghunathji Temple
  • The Great Himalayan National Park
  • Kaishdhar
  • Naggar
  • Manikaran
  • Katrain
  • Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple


Kullu : A Divine Valley

The small size of the hill station of Kullu gives the lie to the adventures that you can indulge in. It is certainly scenic. However, unlike the serenity of Manali that lies close by, Kullu is a fairly boisterous city. The main source of this bustle lies in the thriving bazaar. You can get nearly everything at the bazaar. Kullu is often called the valley of the gods and it is easy to see why. It is a highly delightful place with all sorts of enjoyable activities to enjoy. You can start with the amazing valley of Kullu through which the River Beas flows. The sight of the river flowing rapidly as the beautiful valley stretches its arms on both sides is charming and entrancing at the same time. The vistas offered by Kullu are great and breathtaking.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport is located at Bhuntar, about 10 km from Kullu. It is connected by Air from Delhi and Chandigarh.

By Rail :

Railway stations close to Kullu are Jogindernagar: 125 km Pathankot: 285 km, Shimla: 270 km, Chandigarh (267) and Kalka.

By Road :

Kullu is well connected by roads with Chandigarh, Delhi, Dehradun, Pathankot, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Shimla.

Raghunathji Temple

Dedicated to Lord Ram, the Raghunathji Temple is one of the major attractions of Kullu. Lord Ram is the patron deity of the residents of the region. The temple itself is magnificent is enough to be suitable for the glory of Lord Ram, one of then most highly regarded gods in the Hindu religion.

The Great Himalayan National Park

The Himalayan Mountain Range has fascinated the world for centuries. Its hills and valleys are a treasure trove of ecological resources. It is a repository of still unlearned and undiscovered biological diversity. The National Park provides a sanctuary for this rich collection of flora and fauna. Simply take a walk through the Great Himalayan National Park and you will not fail to be impressed with the enchanting natural treasures.


Kaishdhar is just one of the many pleasant places that dot the Kullu valley region. It makes a picture perfect getaway for a relapsing retreat. Although there are not many activities here, the attraction of the place lays in its languid nature. This sleepy and quaint town is loaded with some beautiful sights. Its aesthetic appeal is enhanced as it is more or less free from pollution. Kaishdhar is the best place to be one with nature.


The ancient town of Naggar is situated on the bank of the Beas River. Although the town is ancient, the amazingly stunning views are refreshing. Nagger was the former capital of Raja Visudhpal and it has the old palace which is still remarkably beautiful. There are quite a few places that you can visit in Naggar.
The Jagtipatt Temple offers a fascinating insight into the rich mythology of the region. The Tripura Sundri Temple is an interesting wooden temple shaped like a pagoda. If you enjoy art then a visit to the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery is in order as it has a rare collection of paintings and art. You can even indulge in spot of fishing to relax in the midst of the incredible valley.


On the bank of the River Parvati, you will find Manikaran. The steam emanating from the hot sulphur springs compete with the devotional songs rising from the numerous temples in the area. The place is a religious center for both Hindus and Sikhs. The hot springs are prefect for soothing your tired bones. Pilgrims, especially Hindus, are known to consider the waters to be holy. It is believed that the waters of these springs hold special curative properties as well. A fun fact is that some of these springs are so hot that you can cook in them. There are a few places near this holy place that you should check out. A good trekking challenge can be found at Ulga which offers some great sights as well. Khirganga has some nice hot springs waiting for you to take a dip. Prepare to get enthralled by a colorful sight of blossoming flowers at Chandrakhani Pass if you visit at the right season. For an incredible panoramic view of the Khullu valley you can head to Shoja. The sight of the snowy mountains contrasted with the lush green forests and meadows is something to experience.


The unspoiled beauty of Katrain is serene. The Beas River flows through Katrain in all her glory bringing a dash of excitement in the otherwise calm surroundings. You will never see a more beautiful picture of this river than what you get at Katrain. Katrain offers two major activities for you to indulge in. You can take a relaxing walk through the cozy plantations and orchards. Another option is fishing. The experience of sport fishing in the picturesque surroundings is an incredibly enjoyable one.

Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple

Known by various names locally such as Vishesvara Mahadev, this temple was built in the 9th century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has some excellent and intricate carvings on the stone facade. This temple is also the largest among the many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.