Kinnaur : A Gateway to Heaven

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Kinnaur : A Gateway to Heaven

In the extreme northwest region of Himachal Pradesh lies Kinnaur. Tibet surrounds it from the east. You may believe that there can be heaven on earth if you visit Kinnaur. Three mountain ranges and a number of river valleys create the enthralling place called Kinnaur. The three mountain ranges of the Greater Himalayas, Dhauladhar and Zanskar are gigantic and hang over Kinnaur like a magnificent backdrop of a painting. The rivers, Baspa, Spiti and Sutlej along with their tributaries combine to create some strikingly spectacular valleys. Thick woods cover the rolling slopes of Kinnaur along with some nice orchards and picture perfect hamlets. The beauty of Kinnaur has given rise to a rich heritage and culture in the area. The people have strong connections with their traditions and customs. Many of the serene monasteries of the area are thousands of years old. The landscape of the region has also made Kinnaur a great place to indulge in some exciting adventure sports.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport is at Shimla, around 267 km from Kalpa.

By Rail :

There is no Rail service to Kinnaur and the nearest Railway Station at Shimla is linked by a narrow gauge line from Kalka.

By Road :

It is situated on the National Highway No – 22 which is popularly known as the Hindustan Tibet Road. One can also reach Kalpa via Manali – Rohtang Pass Kunzam Pass – Kaza (400 km).


Kothi is a quaint hamlet situated near Kinnaur. Kothi offers you a glimpse into the life of a typical mountain city in Himachal Pradesh.
It is also home to anumber of amazing temples and monasteries. The Chandika Temple is worth a visit for its superb architectural style. The rituals and procedures of worship followed in this temple are rather unique. These have developed as a result of the absence of learned priests in earlier times.

Kunzam Pass

Kunzam Pass is the gateway to the Lahual and Spiti valley. At a height of 4551m, you will be hoping for some good view and Kunzam Pass does not disappoint. The Bara-Sigri glacier is visible from the pass in all its glory. The Bara-Sigri glacier also happens to be the second longest glacier in the entire world. The Buddhist influence of the area is unmistakable.