Porbandar: The Birthplace of a Legend

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Porbandar: The Birthplace of a Legend

In Porbandar, you will get to hear the soothing music created by the waves crashing on the spectacular shores. It is one of the most famous cities in Gujarat. Its history has become merged with legends. Porbandar was where the great freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi, was born. According to Hindu myths, the city was the birthplace of Sudama, a close friend and ally of Lord Krishna. The well-planned layout of the city only helps in making the place seem all the more spectacular. Here, buildings are mainly made of stone with ashlar masonry. The facades of these buildings are rich with artistic designs. The city offers a plethora of delights for your enjoyment. You have religious sites dotting the charming landscape. The cool sea breeze flows without a break rejuvenating you as you take a languid stroll through tree-lined streets.

How to Get There

By Air :

Porbandar airport is connected to Mumbai and Diu with flights.The airport is about 4 km away from the city centre and there are many options like cabs, buses and private vehicles to reach the town.

By Rail :

The city of Porbandar has its own railhead, Porbandar Railway Station, which is well connected with major cities of the country.The Saurashtra Express runs regularly from Mumbai to Porbandar via Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Vadodara.

By Road :

Regularly run State Transport Buses connect Porbandar with major cities including Ahmedabad,Dwarka,Junagadh,Rajkot, Jamnagar,Bhavnagar,Bhuj,Somnath,and Diu.

Sudama Mandir

The majestic Sudama Mandir is one of the most important temples in Porbandar. Sudama, the childhood friend of Lord Krishna, is worshipped here. Although the structure is not lavish, the architecture of the place is quite fascinating. The glorious pillars of the temple are adorned richly with carvings. The white marble used in building the temple looks beckoning when the rays of the sun shine upon it.

Kirti Mandir

The Kirti Mandir of Porbandar is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. This fascinating memorial uses the number 79 in various interesting manners. 79 was the age of Gandhi when he was assassinated. The structure is exactly 79ft tall. Inside you will find 79 candles. As Mahatma Gandhi used to preach religious tolerance, you will find symbols from every major religion in the world here. Nearby is the actual home where Gandhi was born. Even the very spot of his birth is marked with a swastika.