The spectacular state of Goa may be one of the smallest ones in India but is nonetheless a very rich one. The riches of Goa lie not only in monetary output but also in its remarkable diversity of nature, sights and history.

In Goa, you will be looking at white sands being caressed by sparkling waters while the palm trees sway languidly in the cool sea breeze. It is this aspect of Goa that makes it popular and it is most often all you need here. Goa is a glorious slice of Nature hugging the Indian coastline. It has a rich biodiversity filled with creatures and plants of many colorful shapes and sizes. Its beautiful beaches are perfect for a rejuvenating stroll while Mother Nature marvels you with her creations.

For nearly 500 years, Goa served as the lone outpost of the Portuguese in India. Its long standing connection to the country is still visible through its architecture, culture and heritage. The exquisite buildings are a leftover from the colonial occupation and they look marvelous against the stunning backdrop of Goa. Here there is an intermingling of western and eastern cultures which is perfect for the gourmet. The fusion dishes of Goa are famous all over the world and you will be hard-pressed not to lick your fingers afterwards. Strains of Lisbon find a place in the Indian shacks.

There is more to Goa than the exquisite pleasure offered by the pristine beaches. Visit spice plantations or immerse yourself in the spirituality of the ancient churches.