Malaysia : A Slice of Asia

Malaysia is a riveting combination of two different pictures that is divided by the South China Sea. Be that as it may, it makes the country all the more spectacular and charming.

The peninsular Malaysia unfolds as a multicultural phenomenon where you can find a captivating mixture of Malay, Indian and Chinese influences. In Borneo, you will come across wild jungles where orangutans roam, immense peaks of granite and isolated tribes. In fact, the entire landscape of Malaysia is seemingly dotted with microcosms each of which seems fascinatingly different such as the astounding skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and the picturesque longhouse villages in Sarawak.

The natural beauty of Malaysia is beyond comparison. The dense jungles have the right amount of enigma to make them seem incredibly romantic. There are fertile plains that reach the seas in the west of the peninsula while the eastern side is filled with stunning beaches with warm sands.

Of course, Malaysia offers you one of the best selections of cuisines from around the world. There is the Nonya cuisine which is a delicious mixture of Chinese and Malay influences, spicy curries from India and Chinese buffets. You will come across stalls selling Malay food and even Western dishes.

It is this fusion of cultures and influences that makes Malaysia what it is.