China : A Diverse Adventure

It does not matter how many times you visit China. There will always be something new for you to see or enjoy. China is not only diverse and huge but it is changing rapidly as well which makes a visit to the country an adventure in itself.

The home of one of the oldest and still continuing civilizations of the world, China is famed for its historical monuments, ruins and rich array of artifacts. Exploring these moments of antiquity is an experience you are not likely to forget. Of course, there is the Great Wall of China which rises up as an ancient behemoth. Then there are the mountains crowned by temples and hidden by mist. Small villages and water towns add to its charm.

There is certainly the modern face of China to be enjoyed in its cities of Beijing and Shanghai. However, you should not discount the amazing natural sceneries. The tranquil mountain lakes, the dreamy karst pinnacles and the stubborn deserts around China make it a fascinating destination for the nature lover.

Sample the delicious Cantonese fare as you travel across the cultural hotspots of China. Exploring the culinary art of the region is one of the most exciting parts of touring here. China is certainly a wonderful country.