Norway : Land of Fjords

Norway is a destination that needs to be visited at least once in your lifetime. There is only one reason that you will need and that is quite simple. Norway is a jaw dropping and exhilarating beauty, comparable to the most beautiful countries in the world.

The stunning beauty of the country is remarkably and pleasingly contrasted with its vibrant culture. The cities of Norway are cosmopolitan and are a showcase of the design skills that the Scandinavians have become famous for. Moreover, their calendar is filled with festivals that are most enjoyable.

The beauty of the natural realm in Norway unfolds like a drama or a melody of landscapes and sights. The fjords are so beautiful that they deserve every bit of praise they receive. However, there are also grand glaciers that make their way down to the sea. The mountainous landscape creates naturally glorious fortresses and enchanting rocky islands that seem to be the stuff of a mad dream. The primeval beauty of the Arctic is another important part. Here, some of the rarest and most captivating beasts have made their homes such the reindeer and polar bear. The terrain is perfect for enjoying a wide variety of adventure sports.

Norway is a rare experience of raw natural beauty.

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