Austria : Beauty in Contrast

Austria is a paradise of contrasts with its amazing natural terrains and elegantly laid out urban landscapes. Here, you can be swept off your feet by the alpine lakes and then get dazzled by the mysteries in the streets of Vienna.

It will be a delight to enjoy the architecture of Austria. The baroque interiors of immense churches and the ancient histories of the palaces make a trip to the country all the more fascinating. You will be regaled by the architectural masterpieces as you roam around the endless array of backstreets and lanes of Austria.

As you travel in Austria, you will often have to undertake a journey that meanders around deep and delicious valleys. You will be stunned at the roads and railways that are seemingly cut impossibly into the rocky facades of glorious mountains. You can hike across the rugged landscape to reach lonely alpine meadows. Pristine lakes welcome you for a refreshing swim in the summers or for skating during the winters.

The cultural heritage of Austria is breathtaking in its depth. Entire countries can be felt through the amazing foods whose recipes reflect the customs of past ages. Austria is still home to the influences of the Habsburg Empire. The numerous distinct faces of Austria make a trip all the more varied and interesting.

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