United Kingdom

United Kingdom : Glory of Britannia

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is by far one of the most popular destinations in the world. Its landscape has been shaped by incredible natural sights, splendid architectural buildings and most certainly centuries of glory.

Once upon a time, the United Kingdom was considered to be the ruler of the world with more than 20% of the world under its dominion at its peak. This rich and incredible history is still visible within the impressive streets of London and Edinburgh which are filled with architectural splendors. From the ancient Stonehenge to the modern London Eye, the United Kingdom is filled with spellbinding sights. You can visit the seemingly innumerable castles and palaces or visit some of the most interesting museums in the world.

The natural beauty is perfectly preserved. You can go for long walks through the peaceful English countryside like the famous authors and poets of old. A seemingly lyrical atmosphere hangs over the timeless landscape of Ireland. In Scotland, you can enjoy the solitude of its plains as the intoxicating fragrance of scotch wafts around. As the United Kingdom is a group of islands, you can visit some picturesque beaches and coastlines.

The United Kingdom is a lovely place to visit with its rich heritage of literature, art, architecture and nature.