Turkey : A Complete Experience

Turkey is steeped in a rich history, graced with natural splendor of many kinds and a cuisine that will leave you wanting for more.

Turkey has been the host to some of the greatest personalities of the world. Julius Caesar possibly spoke his famous came, saw and conquered quote around Amasya while St. Paul later journeyed across the country. Turkey was where the great Ottoman Empire had its grand capital. The landscape of Turkey is littered with monuments and ancient ruins that speak of these momentous historical events.

The Turkish people are undoubtedly proud of their heritage but are friendly enough to welcome visitors. Being located at the juncture of Asia and Europe, the landscape of Turkey has become a nexus of cultures that is deep and profoundly interesting.

If there is one thing about Turkey that you will never get tired of, it is the cuisine. The Turkish cuisine is a fascinating blend of different influences. For the Turks, it has become a ritual to get together and eat well. So get ready to feast your senses in Turkey with its varied foods, sounds and sights. The rich legacy of Turkey makes everything seem all the more special here.