Russia : An Experience

The largest country of the world, Russia justifies its proportions by offering everything you can desire from your trip. Cities filled with history, tranquil countryside, rich artistic beauties and epic train journeys will fill your days in Russia with excitement.

Russia fires up the imagination with the dazzlingly array of historic places it possesses. Proud fortresses, fascinating churches and palaces that glisten under the sun are the bastions of the rich history of the nation. The cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow are filled with these amazing national treasures.

The huge geographic area of the country has given rise to differences in cultures and attractions from one region to another. Travel along the Trans-Siberian route and indulge yourself in the changing scenes of the country. Visit quaint villages in far-flung areas for a romantic escapade or follow the footsteps of the legendary Pushkin and Tolstoy on their estates.

Make an adventure out of your trip by visiting Krasnaya Polyana for skiing or Kamchatka for climbing up an active volcano. You can trek across the fantastic landscape of the Altai as well. There are a lot of possibilities for adventure and excitement in Russia.

The people of Russia are extremely hospitable making a trip through the country all the more enjoyable.