Oman : A Glimpse of the Bedouin

Oman boasts a rich heritage and a socaitey that will welcome you with open arms. Its people possess a strong sense of identity rooted in pride of an ancient past.

Oman is different from the other Arabian countries. There is no extravagant display of wealth here which is rare. The traditional charm of the Arabian world has been left intact here. The culture of Oman is deeply immersed in the values and pride of the Bedouin heritage. The small towns here possess a lovely grace with their rustic feel. Natural beauty can be found in abundance here. You can enjoy the deserts where the wind blows over the serene dunes or wonder at the spectacular mountains. The long coastline with its pristine waters is most welcoming.

The history of Oman is intensely showcased through the many ruins and forts here. You can roam around the ancient settlements and tombs or marvel at the rare beauty of the irrigation structures called falaj. Visit the Grand Mosque in Muscat to be awed at one of the largest and most beautiful rugs to have been created by hand using looms.

Oman is the perfect destination to see a modern version of Arabia that has not lost its ancient soul or Bedouin culture.