Japan : Unfettered Exoticism

Step into Japan and you will feel you have reached a new world. It is the home of a unique civilization that has grown through a lovely mixture of the modern and the traditional. The proud Japanese spirit is incredibly warm and welcoming.

Start your journey through Japan by indulging your taste buds with the delights of the local cuisine. In fact, it is quite easy to plan an itinerary just around the regional delicacies of Japan. As you enjoy the freshly made food with the Japanese insistence on the best ingredients, you can travel around the hidden world of nature in Japan. Hike around the enchanting landscape of the Japan Alps or dive into the magic of the coral reefs. There is no need to search for nature in Japan as it will find you instead.

Japan has drawn cultural influences from all over Asia and has converted them into something extraordinary and unique. Enjoy the mesmerizing geisha dance in Kyoto or mediate in the tranquility of a Zen rock garden. Then there are the modern cultural achievements that seem to change with the tide creating a unique panorama of culture.

Japan is without a doubt the most exotic country you will come across. Its isolation from the mainland has given rise to a culture that is beautiful and unfathomable.