Greece : The Ancient Empire

The landscape of Greece is an endless array of coastlines with their aquamarine shades, and ancient ruins kissed by the sun. It is stunning and thrilling. Add to them, the famed passion of the Greeks and you are going to have a singularly amazing time in the country.

Greece is exactly like what you might have imagined and more. Here, the ancient stories of the expansive Greek mythology come alive in the incredible landscape. You can feel the heroic acts of the great gods and goddesses as you move around the majestic lands of Delphi or the rugged slopes of Cretan hills. The joy of seeing the ancient land bloom with the bright colors of the wildflowers is unparalleled.

However, Greece has managed to find that perfect balance between the glories of its past, and the beauty of the present with an eye towards the future. Its galleries are filled with fine masterpieces of modern art and a vibrant music scene. Filled with museums, the Greece is an endless revival of the past showcased with all the modern necessities.

The cuisine is a matter of pride amongst the Greeks who are also very hospitable. In the varied landscape, you will come across blue seas dotted with charming islands, ancient footpaths, mighty volcanoes, verdant forests and meet dolphins and sea turtles at sea.