Finland : Northern Wilds

Situated in the deep north of the world, Finland offers you expansive horizons lined with blue lakes and emerald forests while a crisp air flows by you. Be that as it may, Finland is more than captivating wilderness.

There are lively cities dotting the landscape in the south. Start off with Helsinki which is filled with a vibrant music and design scene. It is filled with an amazing collection of architectural wonders of modern designs. You will find restaurants on islands while stylish bars serve up an amazing collection of cocktails. Gobble down some heavenly cuisine made with local produce.

However, it is difficult to withstand the call of nature here. There is something untamed and untouched in the atmosphere of Finland. The huge expanses of forests dominate the landscape creating an ethereal charm with the picturesque beauty of the lakes. In this wilderness, you will find some of the best spots for kayaking, canoeing and hiking. Alternatively, you can simply wander around the network of routes carved into the forested areas. Nature trips will give you the opportunity to meek elk and bears in the deep forests.

Finland gives you the chance to enjoy two wildly different and extremely stunning pictures of its landscape. The summer charm and the winter quiet are both lovely.