Egypt : Grandeur in the Desert

The rich history of the ancient Egyptian civilization has given rise to proud people who still welcome visitors with open arms.

Egypt is most certainly the gift of the Nile. The great river has a powerful presence on the landscape. A leisurely cruise over the river will be the perfect way to enjoy the sceneries and take in some of the most interesting sights in Egypt. The view of the ancient monuments from the river Nile is a stunning one.

Egypt is the land where sand covers ancient tombs and somber pyramids rise up from the ground like enigmatic mirages. It is the chance where you get to indulge yourself in exploration. Check out Luxor for its royal Valley of the Kings or visit the museum to delve into the beauty and sophistication of ancient artifacts. Roam around waterside temples of Edfu and Dendara or the Abu Simbel temples that were brought to life by Ramses II.

The beauty of the desert in Egypt is an enchanting one. The sun rising from the heights of the great Mt. Sinai or the shimmering waters of Siwa Oasis hot springs are equally fascinating. You will have ample opportunities to enjoy and relax in the seemingly endless landscape of warm sands and glorious beaches.