Belgium : Imagination Unbound

It is easy to dismiss Belgium as a boring place. If you do so, you will actually be missing out on one of the most fascinating places in Europe.

Belgium is intensely riveting with its rich history in art and history. There are 11 different World Heritage Sites in Belgium currently and the list is going to grow soon. Its streets light up with some of the most bizarre carnivals that are a treat for the imagination.

Life in Belgium is a great one with some amazing museums and a vibrant artistic scene. The food is simply fabulous and will leave you wanting more. The beers of Belgium are considered to be divine by connoisseurs. There are many reasons to visit this oft overlooked destination.

You can easily experience the heritage of art in Belgium by walking through the enchanting streets of Brussels. You will come face to face with some stunning architectural pieces. Murals are a common sight in Brussels, popping up when least expected. The towns such as Ghent have a distinctly medieval atmosphere with their humble buildings and streets. Belgium also boasts of a fabulous coastline with expansive beaches.

Belgium is a destination unlike any other and it is best enjoyed with the mouthwatering Belgian chocolates or the heavenly Belgian beers.