Bangladesh : Riverine Wonderland

Bangladesh is decorated gorgeously by a green landscape with is peppered with quaint villages. The country is crisscrossed by a fascinating array of rivers.

In fact, the number of rivers in Bangladesh is staggering as over 700 of them snake their way through this verdant and yet small country. The presence of these rivers has resulted in a lush landscape that is simply magical. Boats are a common mode of transportation. You will be able to witness a more unique angle of this fabulous land. The quiet boat trips allow you to bask in the beauty undisturbed. The journey can be both relaxing and interesting.

A trip to Bangladesh is incomplete without a visit to the Sunderbans, one of the greatest river deltas of the world. Filled with mangrove trees, you may come face to face with the majestic Bengal Tiger.

The people of Bangladesh are very friendly and you will be receiving a warm welcome wherever you go. You will be made the center of attention which is quite an experience. You should avoid rushing your trip to Bangladesh. This country is best enjoyed when you slow down. You will get ample opportunities to relax in the bosom of nature and contemplate like the poets of old.