The expanses of Assam are a fascinating place. It sprawls languidly on the incredible valley of the Brahmaputra River. Its rich lands produce some of the finest tea in India and the world at large.

The landscape of Assam is picturesque with shades of gold and green painted across the seemingly infinite fields of rice. A rich shade of emerald green covers the amazing tea estates. In the distance you can glimpse the subtle bluish hue of the mountains of the Arunachal region which lies in the north. In the south, the highlands of the Nagaland and Meghalaya regions rise up covered in an enchanting haze.

In Assam, you will be welcomed by a hospitable population. You will get to experience the lip-smacking cuisine of the Assamese. The cuisine is incredible and is gifted with a stunning range of aromas. The Assamese are rightly proud of their artistic heritage which is vibrant. The most appealing part of their heritage is the entrancing dance forms. The region is dotted by scenic Hindu temples whose architectural styles are elegant and add to the enchantment of the land. In short, you will have a delightful experience while travelling across the region of Assam.

Nature is, however, the most important and fascinating thing about Assam. In Assam, you will get to experience the beauty of some majestic beasts up close at the incredible national parks. The rich tea estates will charm you with their intoxicating fragrances. Assam is a marvelously wonderful place for a tour.