Chhattisgarh may not have a lot of modern attractions to boast of. However, there is no denying the wild appeal of the state. The beauty of nature is laid over the landscape untouched by the advent of human civilization.

In this fascinating land, you will come across Adivasis, or tribal people. Most of them are still in touch with their ancient traditions and lifestyles that have been handed down from generation. It is as if, you are entering into a time when things were much simpler. You can meet 42 different tribes that call the lands of this state their home.

The dense forests of the state are blessed with an unspeakably amazing natural beauty. The emerald carpet of forests are marked by sparkling waterfalls whose roars echo around the silent landscape. There are plenty of reserves to enjoy the pure beauty of Mother Nature. Even the tribes add a dash of beauty to the state with their quirky sculptures and pointillist paintings. You can move around the bustling markets called haats where a colorful array of items liven up the landscapes.

There is an incredible variety of natural hotspots to visit in Chhattisgarh. You can search for tigers at the Achanakumar Wildlife Sanctuary or get lost in the dazzling splendor of peacocks at Maitri Bagh. You will be surprised at how much this state can offer you.