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Havelock Island : Elysium of Beaches

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  • Radhanagar Beach
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Havelock Island : Elysium of Beaches

The snow white sands of the beaches seem to call you from afar as you approach Havelock Island. The attractions of this magnificent island do not end there. You can frolic in the teal shallows or enjoy a scuba dive session into the magical marine life of the Bay of Bengal. A backpacker’s paradise is what many consider Havelock Island to be and a paradise it certainly is. This island of natural enchantments is filled with some scenic beaches and fantastic diving spots. Havelock Island is famous for its islands and there are quite a number of stunning and fine examples. The beauty of the beaches and the pristine waters make some beaches viable spots for various activities. You can enjoy the majestic glory of the sea by scuba diving in different spots. The lush green forests can beckon you to explore them through a trek or two.

How to Get There

By Air:

An amphibious 8-seater Cessna seaplane from Port Blair to Havelock and back every day except for Sunday.

By Sea:

There are three regular ferries that ply between Port Blair (Phoenix Bay Jetty) and Havelock on a daily basis. Tourists can also pick the Catamaran service depending on their arrival time in Port Blair

Radhanagar Beach

Imagine opening your eyes to snow white sands that stretch as far as you can see. In Radhanagar Beach, the snow white sands are sandwiched between a lush green forest and a turquoise sea. Together they combine to make a most enchanting sight. It is feast for the mind as the pristine clear waters gently caress the white sands, shaded by the dark green forests. It is wonder that the Times Magazine chose Radhanagar Beach to receive the honor of the best beach in Asia in the year 2004. The beauty of the Radhanagar beach is amplified by an unimaginable margin when it is bathed in the golden-orange rays of the setting sun. Some excellent coral specimens are available here which means snorkeling here becomes a rewarding experience.

Elephant Beach

The Elephant Beach suffered a cruel blow when the devastating 2004 tsunami destroyed most of it. Although the beach has lost a major portion of its size, its glory has not yet diminished. The beach is home to some of the most fantastic corals that the Havelock Island has to offer. Go for some snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the corals in their natural habitat.

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