Visit Kenya from Kolkata : The Call of the Wild

Vast expanses of savannahs stretch into the horizon while incredible numbers of wildlife roam freely. In the distance, snowy mountains stand like a mirage in the heat of the equator. Here, traditional tribes and people add soul and liveliness to the earth. This is Kenya.

When people think of Africa, more often than not, they are actually thinking of Kenya. Nature is a spectacle to be seen here. Kenya is filled with epic scenes that seem to tug at the very soul of a human being. Kenya is the home of the Maasai Mara where some of the most fascinating creatures in the world roam.

Huge herds of zebras and wildebeest run across the landscape pursued by the great African predators. Regal families of elephant graze quietly in the shadow of the immense Mount Kilimanjaro. The lakes turn pink with the flocks of flamingos. All these you will find in the wild lands of Kenya.

In this incredible landscape, you will come face to face with the ancient tribes of Africa. They add a fascinating depth to the story of Kenya with their struggles and histories. A trip to Kenya will remain incomplete unless you get to spend some time with them. You are not likely to forget your trip to Kenya anytime soon.