Kausani: Spirituality of Nature

  • How to Get There
  • Rudradhari Falls and Caves
  • Lakshmi Ashram
  • Anasakti Ashram
  • Baijnath Temple
  • Kausani Tea Estate


Kausani: Spirituality of Nature

The spectacular Kausani lies on top of a ridge and covered with forests. The charming place is endowed with properties of rejuvenation. The beautiful panoramic views offered by Kausani give you a fresh perspective on life as you ponder over the snowy peaks in the distance.At a height of nearly 1890m, the scenic hill station offers a vibrant picture of nature. The natural beauty of the region is simply mesmerizing. Here, you can stare into the immense expanses of the Himalayan mountain ranges for hours and still not get bored. The impressive views leave nothing else to be desired as you get clear views of some major and famous peaks such as the Nanda Devi. You are going to be astounded when you see them.

At the same time, the lush Someshwar valley stretches before you like a verdant panorama. A trek or two through the verdant hilly landscape is going to bring to your notice the beautiful gems of nature Kausani has been blessed with. The contemplative nature of the place inspired Mahatma Gandhi to compose his treatise on the Bhagavad Gita called Anasakti Yoga.

How to Get There

By Air :

The nearest airport at Pantnagar 165 Km from Kausani. There is number of taxi and bus services available outside the airport which provides great services to travelers.

By Rail :

Nearest Railway Station is at Kathgodam. Kathgodam Railway Station is about 140 km away from Kausani town.

By Road :

Kausani is well connected by state owned bus services. Bus services connect Kausani to other hill stations like Almora, Ranikhet, Nainital and Pithoragarh.
Distance from other places; Delhi:410 km, Nainital:130 km, Almora:48 km, Ranikhet: 78 km,Munsiyari:165 km,Binsar:60 km,Mukteswar:125 km,Pithoragarh:165 km.Corbett:165 km

Rudradhari Falls and Caves

Terraced fields of paddy and thick pine forests surround the singularly beautiful place called Rudradhari. The spectacular waterfalls gushing forth can entrance you with the fantastic way the waters shatter against the rocks into a million glorious pieces as if it were glass. You can even enter the mysterious world of the many caves that dot the area.

Lakshmi Ashram

The humble Lakshmi Ashram is run entirely by the Kumani women of region. The Ashram is dedicated to the cause of women empowerment and social service. A disciple of the Mahatma, Sarla Behn established this simple abode in a clearing in the thick pine forest. A visit to the establishment can be a humbling experience. In fact, living here can help you understand how the great man lived.

Anasakti Ashram

In the midst of scenic surroundings lie a humble ashram where the great Mahatma Gandhi once stayed during his visit to Kausani. It was here that Gandhi pondered on the Bhagavad Gita and wrote his treatise entitled Anasakti Yoga. It is possible to stay at the ashram and enjoy the serenity that washes over this place. A small museum here will guide you through the lives and times of one of the most influential men who ever lived.

Baijnath Temple

The ancient Baijnath Temple is surrounded by other temples from a bygone era and the spectacular Himalayas. The entire temple complex is a fascinating place that is drenched in spirituality. The calm exterior of the temple is a stunning contrast to the exciting mountains that serve as the backdrop. The walls of the Baijnath Temple and the other temples in the complex have intricate carvings. Built in the 12th century, the temple complex lies by the side of the Gomti River. Inside the complex, you will find shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh and lady Parvati. Other shrines are dedicated to Kuber, Chandika, Surya and Lord Brahma. The architecture of the temple is a perfect example of its age. The skills of the sculptors are something to be admired considering the delicate carvings done on stone. In fact, you will have a hard time deciding whether you will look at the skillful execution of the manmade structure or the fascinating artwork of Mother Nature.

Kausani Tea Estate

The Kausani Tea Estate is spread over a breathtaking expanse of around 208 hectares. The intoxicating scent of tea and the delicate beauty of the fresh tea leaves combine to create a unique experience. A walk through the vast verdant expanses will leave you enriched. You can come to know all sorts of fascinating things about one of the favorite beverages in the world. Even a simple walk through the huge tea estate can refresh and reinvigorate you just like the beverage.